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There are several ways to get involved with STOPPA’s objectives.

Firstly, please complete our survey, and let us know what your experience of PA has been like, and how your case has been handled by the Courts.

Next, contact us about anything you see on these pages – all comments are welcome and you should please contact us via our contact page.

Take a look at our ‘Template‘ PA case – we feel that this is a good example of how PA cases tend to go.   STOPPA’s argument is that, far from being complex, PA cases are usually very simple and involve themes that recur time and again – false allegations, obstruction of contact, refusal to comply with court orders and so on.

We are also canvassing the option of a class action against the UK Government.  The thinking here is that the ‘system’ is inherently flawed and no longer fit for the purpose for which it was intended – to protect our children.  CAFCASS make the same mistakes time and again, and are biased and under-trained.  Judgements consistently lack robustness.  The result of these systemic and institutional failures is widespread injustice for TPs and harm to our children.

Finally, please contribute to our news and blogs – your feedback will be invaluable.


STOPPA wants to raise money to fund appeals for STOPPA members who wish to appeal weak and poor judgements.  If judges consistently fail to act, and keep making ineffectual orders, these must be appealed every time.  Not all of us will have the necessary cash to do this, and STOPPA intends to set up a fighting fund to help those parents that are suffering injustice at the hands of a lazy uncaring system.

Next, funding will certainly be required to support any kind of class action we might want to consider.  Lawyers will have to be paid for, and this will not come cheap.  Possibly the first step we would like to take would be to take advice from a leading barrister (a ‘QC’) as to whether such an action would be possible and, if so, whether it would stand a reasonable prospect of success.

Please donate whatever you can.

We shall also be seeking donations in due course from institutions and others.